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These General Conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, and in particular those applicable to other channels of marketing the Services.

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  • The definitions below have the same meaning whether used in the singular or in the plural.
  • FlightBuzz exclusively refers to
  • "General Conditions" means these general conditions of sale and use.
  • “Customer” means any user of the Site who reserves and/or purchases one or more tickets.
  • “Service” means the price comparison and airfare service offered by FlightBuzz on the Site.
  • “Site” means
  • “Air Carrier” means an airline. “User” means any user of the Site who navigates and becomes aware of the Service.

Ticket purchase

"The Customer undertakes to enter the exact information regarding the identity of the passengers (surname/first name as indicated on the identity documents used for the trip) and certifies that they are in possession of documents that comply with the formalities of entry into the country of destination before making a purchase." It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their information is correct while purchasing a ticket on Fligthbuzz.

General Process

"Using the Site, the User has the option to proceed with the purchase of a plane ticket using our price comparison service on Flightbuzz after specifying the essential criteria for the desired plane ticket(s). These criteria include the origin, destination, departure and return dates, number of passengers, categories (child, adult), booking class, and total checked baggage.

Flightbuzz then presents ticket options that match the User’s criteria. The displayed ticket prices already include Flightbuzz's commission, but additional costs may arise for luggage, insurance, or other supplementary services. Flightbuzz cannot be held liable for any such additional costs.

The User can choose a flight and promptly buy the plane ticket at the displayed price during the search. The User must then provide personal information for each passenger corresponding to the selected tickets. Any errors in names, first names, or other essential information are solely the responsibility of the Customer, and Flightbuzz cannot be held liable for such mistakes.

Please note that due to fluctuating air ticket prices, the price shown at the time of the result display is valid for a specified period only. Flightbuzz verifies the selected ticket's price at the time of payment and notifies the User in case of any modifications. The final price is the one accepted and validated at the time of payment.

Upon confirming the purchase of one or more plane tickets on our Site, the Customer will initially receive an email confirming the reservation. Subsequently, the electronic ticket(s) will be sent by email, and the Customer can access the summary of the reservation and the invoice in their personal space."

Costs & Commission

Airfare prices posted on the Site include a commission, which corresponds to Flightbuzz's remuneration for the service of search, reservation, issuance of airline tickets, and customer service. The commission is clearly indicated in the price details for each flight on the Site and is between 1% and 5% of the total ticket price depending on the type of ticket, regardless of the ticket price.

If the fare conditions of the ticket allow it, any request for modification or cancellation entails a service fee of £15 per modification/cancellation per reservation, in addition to any penalties applied by the airline.

Any request for an additional paid service (such as extra luggage, meals, special assistance, or pet) entails a processing fee of £10 per reserved service, with the exception of seat selection, which entails a processing fee of £5.

Electronic ticket

Our obligation to issue the electronic ticket is contingent upon the full payment being made.

All airline tickets sold on our Site are electronic tickets, representing a paperless form of the airline ticket. Flightbuzz will send you a confirmation email containing your booking number; a printed ticket will not be provided.

Each airline has its own rules regarding electronic ticketing, and some may require your reservation number and/or confirmation email as proof. Consequently, we strongly recommend that you print your confirmation email.

Flightbuzz assumes that the information you provide is accurate and cannot be held responsible for any failure to receive your electronic ticket due to an incorrect email address or unwanted mail settings. It is imperative to inform us promptly in case of a change in your email address or telephone number.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that the name on your identity document matches the name on your booking confirmation and ticket. Flightbuzz cannot be held liable if the User provides incorrect coordinates and/or information when purchasing an air ticket.

In very exceptional circumstances, arising from ticketing restrictions entirely beyond our control, Flightbuzz may encounter difficulties in issuing the electronic ticket and making the reservation. If such a situation occurs, we will make every effort to inform you within 48 hours of confirmation and proceed with a full reimbursement of your purchase or find an alternative solution. If you opt for an alternative solution that is more expensive than your original reservation, you will be responsible for covering the difference in cost.

Connecting flight and Correspondence

When making a booking for a journey that involves a transfer or transit, the Customer should allocate a sufficiently extended timeframe, considering potential delays and/or airport changes. As per international conventions, the assurance of connecting flights is not guaranteed unless explicitly stated on the Site. It is generally recommended to avoid making commitments on the same day or the day following the outbound or return journey.

Pregnant passenger

Pregnant women may, at times, face refusal of boarding by Air Carriers if there is a perceived risk of premature delivery during transport due to the termination of pregnancy. Customers are required to adhere to the conditions set by the Air Carrier providing air transport services regarding the transportation of pregnant women.

Airport transfers

In the event of a necessary airport change between two flights or during a stopover, the costs of shuttles (taxis, buses, parking, etc.) remain the responsibility of the Customer.

Child and Baby passenger

The Customer is required to adhere to the specific conditions outlined by the Air Carrier concerning the transportation of babies (under 2 years) and children (under 14 years). Children under 2 years old are generally not provided with a separate seat on the plane unless parents choose to purchase a full seat specifically for them. This regulation applies only if the children are under 2 years old for the entire journey, both on the departure and return dates. It is important to note that for children over 2 years old on the return date, Air Carriers typically require a return ticket at the child rate (under 14 years). Costs incurred due to non-compliance with this rule will not be reimbursed.

Unaccompanied children under the age of 14 will be accepted on the flight only in accordance with the Air Carrier’s conditions. As a precaution, Customers are advised to ensure that children, including babies, have proper identification papers in their name, and the Customer/passenger must possess the identity documents of the baby or child on the day of boarding.

For any flight booking involving a minor, Flightbuzz encourages Customers to inquire either with Flightbuzz's customer service or the Air Carrier directly about the minimum age requirement for the accompanying person. Policies may vary among Air Carriers, and it is essential to check before booking. Flightbuzz cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from differences in policies between Air Carriers.

Stopover/Direct flight

Non-stop flights may be continuous or involve one or more stopovers (considered the same flight with the same flight number according to the Air Carriers), with or without a change of aircraft, without Ulysses being notified. Some routes necessitate a change of aircraft, and special fare flights may not follow the most direct route. A non-stop flight is defined as a flight where there is no change of aircraft. Stopovers may be required for technical reasons (e.g, refuelling) or commercial considerations. The specifics of any stopovers will be communicated during the booking process and are clearly indicated on the Site and in the itinerary provided once the reservation is confirmed.

Air transportation regulation, Cancellation & Denied boarding:

Alterations to schedules, routes, stopovers, airport assignments, delays, missed connections, and flight cancellations are inherent challenges in air transport. These circumstances are typically associated with the occasional congestion of airspace, adherence to air navigation regulations, safety requirements, and aircraft inspections. In instances where the provisions of Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and the Montreal International Convention of 28 May 1999 governing passengers' rights in air transport are not met, Flightbuzz cannot be held responsible or found in default for the aforementioned situations. This also applies to any occurrences attributable to unforeseen events, force majeure cases generally recognized by United Kingdom jurisprudence (such as strikes, adverse weather conditions, wars, natural disasters, epidemics, attacks, technical incidents, etc.), as well as incidents involving third parties or the Customer (such as late arrival at the airport, refusal of check-in or boarding due to non-compliance with police, health, or customs formalities, failure to present at boarding, etc.). In any circumstance, the Company's assurance is limited to the reimbursement of the Services actually paid by the Customer.


Every Air Carrier has its own policies for transporting animals. Depending on certain conditions such as safety regulations and the airline's specific guidelines, certain categories of pets may be permitted in either the hold or cabin, based on the animal's size. Prior to making a reservation, Customers are required to check directly with the airline they plan to travel with. Animal transportation is typically a paid service, and payment is generally made at the Air Carrier counter during check-in. To determine the cost of this service, Customers need to contact the Air Carrier directly.

Theft or loss of ticket

If the electronic mail containing the electronic ticket is accidentally deleted, the Customer is required to request Flightbuzz to resend the plane ticket via electronic mail. In the event of the paper plane ticket being lost or stolen during the journey, the Customer must file a specific report with both the police and the Air Carrier. The Customer is responsible for arranging their return at their own expense by purchasing another ticket from the issuing airline. Any consequences arising from the loss or theft of a ticket remain the responsibility of the Customer. However, a refund, subject to the discretion of the Air Carrier, can be sought, provided all original documents (repurchased ticket stock, boarding pass, etc.) are submitted. As per the standard practice of airlines, the response time for such requests is typically one year.

Adherence to terms of sale

The Customer acknowledges authorising Flightbuzz to act on their behalf for the purpose of booking a flight with the designated "low-cost" airline. The transportation contract is directly formed between the Customer and the designated "low-cost" company. These present terms of sale apply to Flightbuzz's intermediation, while the terms of sale of the designated "low-cost" company apply to the execution of the transportation contract.

Booking with low cost airlines

The Customer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided during the booking process. Upon completion and confirmation of the reservation, the Customer receives the electronic ticket necessary for the booked trip, the flight itinerary, and schedule confirmation. Due to their pricing policy, so-called "low-cost" companies impose additional charges for services like using a bank card and checking in baggage. These fees are incorporated into the ticket price displayed on the Site and are non-refundable. Payments may be conducted in a currency other than the pound, resulting in a discrepancy between the amount on the Customer's bank statement and the invoiced amount (due to currency conversion and exchange rates). This potential difference is non-refundable. Additionally, the Customer may incur transaction fees from their bank for transactions in a currency other than the pound, and these costs will be borne by the Customer.

Your Data

The UK GDPR (United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation) is a data protection law that governs the processing of personal data in the United Kingdom. It is the UK's version of the GDPR, which originally applied to all European Union (EU) member states.

The UK GDPR was introduced as part of the UK's commitment to data protection and privacy even after leaving the EU. It came into effect on January 31, 2020, following the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU. The transition period, during which EU law continued to apply in the UK, ended on December 31, 2020.

The Customer has, at any time, a right of permanent access, rectification, opposition, erasing and portability of all personal data by emailing FlightBuzz at

Access to the site

By accessing and using Flightbuzz, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, you may not access the Site.

We strive to ensure the availability of the Site, but we do not guarantee uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free operation of the Site.

We reserve the right to suspend, withdraw, or restrict access to the Site for maintenance, updates, or any other reason, without prior notice.

You agree to use the Site for lawful purposes only and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, attempting to interfere with the proper functioning of the Site, accessing unauthorised areas, and engaging in any activity that could harm the Site or its users.

You agree not to use this Site for any illegal or prohibited purpose. Flightbuzz reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to refuse access to the Site to one of its Users, in case of doubts about fraudulent use.

Pricing and Payment

The prices indicated on the Site are expressed in British Pounds. They are inclusive of all taxes and include the service charge for booking and issuing tickets. The total amount due by the Site User is indicated on the ticket purchase page. This price includes any applicable fees and/or commission.

Flightbuzz's prices are contractual tariffs. No price dispute can therefore be taken into account once the purchase of the air ticket has been made. The price is accepted during the final stage of validation of the purchase of one or more aircraft ticket(s), and any order placed on the Site constitutes the formation of a distance contract between the Customer and Flightbuzz.

The price is payable in full upon confirmation of the immediate purchase of the plane ticket. In the event that the price is adjusted upwards by the Air Carrier after the reservation but before the issuance of the tickets, the Customer acknowledges and expressly agrees to pay this adjusted price so that Flightbuzz can proceed with the issuance of the tickets. These rate adjustments are made by the Air Carriers independently of Flightbuzz. Conversely, in the event that the price is adjusted downwards by the Air Carrier after the reservation but before the issuance of the tickets, Flightbuzz undertakes to reimburse the Customer the difference.

Payment is made immediately, and only by means of the bank cards indicated on our Site (Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard or American Express). Payment methods other than those mentioned on our Site are not accepted. Flightbuzz declines all responsibility in all cases where payments (especially by cheque or cash) would be sent to her by post. Payment is made by the Customer on the secure payment interface of Stripe, a specialist and accredited provider for remote payments. Payment authorizations made on the Stripe interface by the User are, for the most part, secured by the User verification procedure (3D Secure).

After the data entry of your bank card, the consistency check, the passage of anti-fraud filter and the request for authorization with the Bank Card Network or with the issuer (private card), Stripe redirects the User to the Flightbuzz Site with the payment result.

The data is encrypted and sent to Stripe's server through a secure session. Flightbuzz does not have access to your credit card number at any time and therefore cannot store it.

In case of suspected bank card fraud, Flightbuzz reserves the right to cancel the transaction and not honour the reservation.

Air transport condition of travel

The conditions governing the performance of air transport are determined by the terms of carriage and tariffs set forth by each Air Carrier, accessible on their respective websites. These conditions may encompass restrictions on fees related to reservation cancellations and/or modifications. It is the Customer’s responsibility to adhere to the Air Carrier’s instructions, particularly concerning check-in presentation deadlines. It is advisable to arrive at check-in at least three hours before international flights and at least two and a half hours in advance for domestic flights. Delays may vary for passengers requiring special assistance. Flightbuzz cannot be held responsible and will not incur any costs if a passenger is refused registration due to presentation beyond the cut-off time.

In particular, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that:

- Flightbuzz has no control over seat allocations, even if pre-booked with the Air Carrier, and cannot guarantee the availability of specific seats on the day of departure.

- Flightbuzz has no control over the information concerning the duration of time spent in the aircraft, provided by the Air Carrier offering the air transport service. This information is indicative and subject to modification.

In the event of a no-show, the Air Carrier and/or Flightbuzz reserve the right to cancel other services as well as the return flight. Any trip interrupted, shortened, or any service not consumed by the Customer will not be entitled to any refund. All sections of airline tickets must be used, and in the correct order; otherwise, the Air Carrier reserves the right to adjust the fare or cancel the return flight, without any refund (excluding airport taxes). Some Air Carriers do not reimburse taxes on partially used tickets.

Schedules, aircraft type, airline, any intermediate stops/stopovers, and the route are provided for information only, subject to confirmation. The majority of Air Carriers reserve the right to change schedules and cancel confirmed reservations, to the extent permitted by UK regulations. Flightbuzz, acting as an intermediary, is not responsible for these schedule changes or cancellations.

Modification, cancellation, refund & withdrawal

There is no withdrawal period for any air ticket purchases made on our Site. Flightbuzz facilitates the purchase of the air ticket from an Air Carrier on your behalf, and your contract of carriage will be subject to the general conditions of the Air Carrier concerned.

As a result, the conditions for the exchange, modification, cancellation, and refund of air tickets purchased on our Site depend on the specific pricing rules applicable by the Air Carrier. It is important to note that you may not be able to cancel or change the airline ticket(s) you purchased on our Site.

In cases where a ticket involves multiple flights with different applicable pricing rules, the most restrictive pricing rules will apply. It is your responsibility to be aware of all pricing rules related to your reservation.

For round-trip flights, not showing up for the return flight may lead to the total cancellation of the reservation by the Air Carrier and, therefore, the non-refundability of your ticket.

If the fare conditions of your ticket permit, any request for modification or cancellation will incur a processing fee of £15 per modification/cancellation per passenger, in addition to any penalties applied by the airline.

We strongly recommend reading the General Terms and Conditions of the Air Carrier directly on its website. Additionally, please ensure to review the Air Carrier’s specific tariff conditions, particularly regarding modification and cancellation fees.

Certain regulations grant the air passenger compensation, reimbursement, rerouting, or support. The regulation applies to passengers on a flight departing from an airport located in the territory of the United Kingdom, passengers on a flight from an airport located outside the territory of the United Kingdom to an airport of the United Kingdom, provided that the flight is carried out by a Community Air Carrier.


Articles falling under the international regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (hereinafter "IATA") on dangerous goods, such as explosive, flammable, and corrosive items, are prohibited in baggage. This includes oxidants, irritants, toxic or radioactive substances, compressed gases, and objects not authorised by States.

For comprehensive pre-travel information, Flightbuzz encourages Customers to visit the website of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to review the measures and download the document on restrictions concerning liquids in carry-on baggage. In the event of baggage refusal by the Air Carrier, Flightbuzz cannot cover any associated costs.

Carry-on or cabin baggage policies vary among Air Carriers. Typically, Air Carriers accept only one carry-on baggage per passenger with a circumference not exceeding 115 cm and a weight limit of 5 kg. These specifications may vary based on the type of aircraft. The responsibility for this baggage lies with the Customer throughout the journey.

Checked baggage policies also vary among Air Carriers. Generally, Air Carriers allow a deduction of 15 kg for charters and low-cost flights and a deduction of 20 kg for scheduled flights (economy class). Any excess baggage, if authorised, requires the Customer to pay a surcharge directly to the Air Carrier at the airport. Flightbuzz informs the Customer about the airline’s excess baggage policy during the booking process, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to provide accurate information to Flightbuzz.

In the case of loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings and/or baggage upon flight arrival (outbound and/or return), the Customer must file a declaration of baggage irregularity before departing from the airport. Subsequently, the Customer should promptly send the declaration to the Air Carrier, including original supporting documents (e.g., photos showing damage, pre-flight value declaration with airport services, etc.). The time limits for submitting the declaration are as follows:

  • - In case of damage: 7 calendar days from the date of discovery.
  • - In case of loss: 21 calendar days from the initial delivery date (corresponding to the return flight date).
  • - In case of late delivery: 21 calendar days from the actual date of delivery.

After these time limits, according to the provisions of the Montreal International Convention of 28 May 1999 governing passengers' rights in air transport, any application will be rejected. Flightbuzz is not liable for any refusal to board or confiscation of objects. Passengers are responsible for checking for contraband in checked or cabin baggage. Additionally, Customers must be aware of the specific baggage conditions set by the Air Carrier. If a flight includes multiple legs, there may be different baggage allowances, even if operated by the same Air Carrier.

Air Carrier Overbooking

If overbooking occurs, a practice aimed at compensating for the non-appearance of passengers and maximising occupancy rates, the Air Carrier is obligated to provide compensation to affected passengers. Flightbuzz is not liable for overbooking, and any costs incurred due to denied boarding on this basis cannot be covered by Flightbuzz.

Double booking

If a passenger makes multiple bookings on the same flight (referred to as a "dupe") or on multiple flights of the same airline for the same route on the same day, certain Air Carriers retain the right to cancel seats without prior notice and without issuing any refund. This practice is beyond flightbuzzs' control, and this leader cannot assume responsibility for such occurrences.

Return flight confirmation

Irrespective of the flight type, it is typically a requirement to confirm the return flight with the Air Carrier at least 72 hours before the scheduled date. The responsibility for confirming the return flight lies with the Customer, who must adhere to the Air Carrier's stipulated requirements for the provision of air transport services.

Certain Air carrier features

It is widely acknowledged that certain airlines provide limited transport services. Onboard services are minimised and typically offered as optional amenities subject to additional charges borne by the passenger. The flight price does not encompass the provision of a meal or snack. Such airlines frequently utilise secondary terminals and/or airports. Additionally, some airlines have restrictions and may not permit the unaccompanied travel of minor passengers under the age of 14.

Miscellaneous provisions

The Air Carrier reserves the right, in the event of facts beyond its control, technical constraints or safety measures, to route passengers by any mode of transport of its choice with due diligence, without any compensation being claimed by them.

Secure payment for low cost airlines

Flightbuzz recommends certain Low-Cost airlines incorporate a secure and authenticated 3D Secure payment process. In this scenario, the Customer is required to input the relevant codes on two distinct interfaces to validate the transactions—one for Flightbuzz’s debits and another for the "low-cost" airline.

Change, Cancellation and Amendments

The cancellation and modification terms adhere to those of the "low-cost" airline. To initiate any changes or cancellations, the Customer must directly contact the "low-cost" airline, specifying the file number provided in the confirmation email. Flightbuzz does not have the authority to facilitate alterations or refunds. In the event of cancellation or schedule changes by the "low-cost" company, the latter assumes sole responsibility, and the cancellation fee typically amounts to 100% of the file's value. For any special requests (such as age limits for unaccompanied children, baggage dimensions and weight, pet transport, etc.), the Customer is required to directly contact the airline or refer to its sales conditions. The Customer should notify Flightbuzz in writing of any changes made directly with the "low-cost" airline, as Flightbuzz cannot be held responsible for the repercussions of this lack of information.